The rotten state of connectivity

In this era of online world, being connected all the time is an expectation that all of us have. Being off the network for a few moments is almost like we aren't able to breathe. Checking WhatsApp messages every few minutes is the way of life and if there are no new messages, it is almost like a depressing feeling.

From a time 'what is internet?', to having multiple connections at home, now, is very common. These connections would be in the form of a broadband/cable internet/wi fi router at home, and also the mobile network from 2G to 3G to 4G. 

For a long time I was a user of Vodafone and when they started to get subscribers to upgrade to 4G, i realized that it wasn't working on my Xiaomi Mi phone. After many months of back and forth, we finally figured out that the frequency on which Vodafone was operating the 4G services, wasn't supported by my Mi phone. So I could now either change my phone or change my network. 

Interesting, all in my family were on Vodafone, so …

Grace Marking in Board Exams

What's it with this grace marking system that CBSE and possibly other boards follow? There was a decision taken by the board recently about no longer giving grace marks. While on the face of it this is a good decision, as it means students will really get marks as per what they have answered in the exam and not get extra marks, which helps boost their results, but was it really so? 

Delhi High Court has ruled against it and for all the valid reasons. However this raises a few questions in my mind. 
While this ruling helps the students this year, which as fair enough as that it was they were expecting when they had appeared for the exams, but with the results to be announced only in a couple of days, it would be only logical to assume that most of the checking would be already over and the Board would mostly be in the process of creating the final mark list and report cards. How can it now revisit all the lakhs of papers to add grace marks where applicable, as per earlier policy? Wil…

Travelogue: Jal Srushti Island Resort

After almost an year’s break from any travels, to allow my daughter to fully concentrate on her class X, we finally decided to get out of the routine and go spend a few days at some resort. Since the decision was taken at a time when summer vacations of kids had already started, getting a booking at any place, on the weekend, at a short notice was impossible. Also, given the summer heat and lack of water at our home, due to water cut by the society, we wanted to go to a place with enough water. So, we narrowed on Jal Srushti Island Resort and booked for a 2-night package on weekdays.
I had heard good things about the resort and a very good trip advisor rating convinced us to try this place out. We were a bit skeptical of how much water will be there, given that it was peak summer and rains had not yet graced the city, but our doubts were ill placed.
Well, to start with, the booking for the place is typically managed via their own site and you need to typically pay about 50% advance (c…

A Day at SBI

For many years I am doing most of my banking with ICICI and have hardly visited the branch in the last decade or so. Almost all the banking needs are managed online or via the relationship manager. I do have to have to visit SBI once a year to deposit some money in my PPF account. While this is just a once a year task, I was still not keen on making even this 1 day visit to SBI and hence thought to transfer the PPF account to ICICI, which is also a government recognized back to hold PPF accounts. 

After multiple attempts, but something or other kept coming up, I finally managed to visit the SBI bank one fine Saturday morning. This was the fist mistake. The bank gets unduly crowded on weekends. I reached the bank by 10.15 am or so. 

As I entered the bank, there was a queue with about 5-6 people standing at the "May I Help You" counter. Knowing that this will take a while, I approached the security guard, who is seen more within the bank and less at the entrance gate. He typical…

Off Facebook

For those of you wondering where has my profile disappeared from Facebook, please note that I have deactivated the account for a while. I was getting overwhelmed with the public exposure. Wanted to live my life on my terms and not worry about to whom to update and not to update. Not worry about having liked or not liked someone's photos, comments, updates etc. Essentially for a while, go back to what being social used to mean to us years back, i.e. meet people in person rather than virtually. 

So, you may find me at your door step rather than seeing a picture update of me on Facebook. Knock! Knock!

Almost 30 years hence...

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
                                                                                            Ralph Waldo Emerson

That's exactly how I have spent this last weekend - being stupid with old friends... friends that I had left behind and got a chance to catch up again after 28 years. Some of us looked the same, behaved the same, while some of us had changed in shape and size, but what hadn't changed was the child inside each one of us. The child that had studied with all these other children at K.V. NDA between years 1984 to 1988. I had left the school after doing my class Tenth in 1988.

How do you suddenly reach back to people long lost in time? I have already described this earlier here and it was during this meeting that everyone who came and who could not, was eager to plan for a grand reunion party. We had picked up May-June 2016 and over the last few months worked towards finalizing the venue…

Revamp School Education

For very many years, our education system has been undergoing changes, but little has been done towards refining the course curriculum. I strongly feel that there is a need to change it and hence this petition -

If you agree, do sign up and help spread the word.