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In Infosys, people follows orders

While I would tend to agree with what Vishal Sikka has observed about Infosys and almost all IT companies in India, I also think that this is a bit harsh way of putting things. Most organizations being service providers, their primary mandate is to ensure proper in-depth capture of requirements and delivering on them, for development projects. And for maintenance kinds, it is mostly bug fixing. Most development projects already struggle in trying to meet the timelines and are burdened by often changing requirements. In such scenario, it is unlikely that a person will stand up and provide suggestions for enhancements or will try to be proactive.

I did like his another observation on to whom should the policies apply "Not everything applies to everyone at the same time. If a client has certain requirements, those cannot be violated. But others who are not under that do not have to follow those requirements" This is so very true and something that we had had long hours of deba…