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Italian Kitchen

This one dates back about 9 years. It won't sound that funny now, but it sure was a real funny incident then.

I was newly married and we used to go out often for dinners. Bangalore had loads of hotels and hence we were never short of trying out new places. One evening we noticed a new place by the name "veneta cucine, the italian kitchen". It sounded very interesting we hadn't ever tried italian cuisine. We were a bit surprised by the spelling of "cucine", but thought it was probably an italian word for cuisine.

So one evening we decided to try it out and landed at this place at around 8 pm. The placed looked like it was closed and we were surprised. Anyway, there was a person inside, so we walked to it to ask him and he said - "we close at 7.30 pm, but you can still see our kitchen".

I and wife looked at each other and wondered how can be a hotel close to early and why is he offering us to see their kitchen????

As we walked in, we realized it was …

Refactoring with Visual Studio 2010

Packt Publishers recently published this book.

This book gives examples on what typically goes wrong when wrinting code and how refactoring tools in Visual Studio help follow design patterns and refector code to be aligned with them. It also covers details about which patterns can't be directly refactored by Visual Studio and require manual effort.

And the important point is that I was one of the reviewers of this book :-)

Nothing can beat this

There is no shortage of funny incidents in our lives, but i feel nothing beats this one.

We had once gone to a local exhibition. My kid typically in such journeys, takes one of her many baby dolls along and plays on the way. This occasion was no different and she was having a baby boy doll.

There is no doubt that the dolls these days are very realistic, but we realized that day just how realistic these can be.

As we got down at the exhibition, I told kid that she needs to leave the doll behind. She agreed and we left it at the back seat, got out of the car and locked it and started to walk away.

Just then the parking attendant came running our way and shouted - "Sir, you left your baby behind!!"

:-) :-)