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Travelogue: Neelkantheshwar Temple

One visit to this place and you wonder, why such a beautiful temple (one of the best temple’s I have seen) is not on the regular tourist map of Pune. In fact it is almost as if this place doesn’t exists, for not many people are aware of it.
The temple is named after Lord Shiva and depicts his blue throat due to the venom that he had swallowed during sagar manthan. It is a huge temple, with lots of open space, space to sit and enjoy the exquisite sculptures that tell different Hindu mythological tales. I have never seen so many sculptures in one place. See some of the pictures to get a sense of what you are missing, if you haven’t been to this place as yet. These pictures still don’t tell the complete story.

Now that you have seen some of the pictures and want to make a trip to this place, note the following. The temple is on a small hill, maybe around 700-800 ft high. Physical walking distance maybe around 1.5 km, but given the steep climb that one needs to negotiate, do plan this for…

Travelogue: A fun filled trip to Anandvan Resort @ Bhandardara

Bhandardara, a place I had not even heard off till recently, turned out to be one of our best holidays till date. I had recently seen this place in a friend’s Facebook updates and when we had some time at hand (in between my changing jobs), we decided to give it a try.

About 165 km from my place (about 4 hour drive), this place is almost like heaven on earth. A place you can visit all year round due to its lush green mountains, Wilson dam, Arthur Lake (also known as Pravara lake), Umbrella falls and many other points worth visiting.
We stayed at a place called Anandvan resort. There are only 2 other places worth staying – Yash Resorts and MTDC resort. The MTDC resort was in a really poor condition and was in a state of renovation. Didn’t notice Yash resort, but Anandvan is by far the best place to stay, as also rated on trip advisor.
The experience at Anandvan was just great, right from the reservation call I did. A friendly person advised on various options and shared the bank accoun…

End of an Era

What started a long long time ago… on a nice Monday morning of August 28th, 1995 @ Electronics City Bangalore, is finally coming to an end today on May 19th 2014 @ Hinjewadi Pune.

Almost 19 years, with Infosys (missed reaching the 20 year milestone!). While it seems like a lifetime, it really wasn’t. When I think back, I can still clearly recall the Monday morning when my uncle had come to drop me to the Koramangala Infosys Office and I had taken a bus from there to the Electronic City campus. I had walked cautiously into what was then just the building 9 and 10 (Heritage building) of the current Infosys City, Bengaluru. I walked to where some HR folks were sitting and told them that I was to join from this day and they greeted me with a warm smile and pointed me to a room where many others like me, freshers, were sitting to complete the joining in formalities.For some reason I had expected this to be similar to college’s first day experience: ragging. But then realized that this was …

Speed Breakers

Of the various cities that I have been too, somehow to me Pune seems to top the list of speed breakers. There seems to be some specific liking for this object by our local municipal corporation and in some roads they really abound, almost like one speed breaker per house.   The purpose for this object is good. It helps break the speed and ensures that people don’t over speed in certain areas where the possibilities of accidents can be high. However these get constructed with little regard to this basic rule and in many cases are themselves the reason for accidents.   Personally I believe that they aren’t really required. If people follow proper traffic rules, there is actually hardly a need for something like a speed breaker. And then given the condition of some of our roads, there again is little need for speed breakers, given the various pot holes that exist on the road anyway. But I guess our highly zealous corporation employees go purely by the rule book. It defines a speed breake…