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Travelogue: Mahabaleshwar

Staying in Pune and not seen Mahabaleshwar is a no no!! But somehow this just wasn't happening for us. Last time we went there, we had return the next day as the weather turned bad (lot of rains and cold winds) and also my daughter fell very ill. We were left with no choice but to cut short the trip and return.

After various attempts since then we finally managed to make it this last weekend. Interestingly as we landed there and sat in the hotel garden enjoying the evening cup of tea, we say lots of black clouds gathering above and soon it started to drizzle a bit and there were strong winds. Me and wife looked at each other, thinking the same thoughts - "Oh no! Not again!"

Fortunately the weather subsided the next morning and we had a great day. Did the trip to various points in old Mahabaleshwar and boating in Venna Lake and swimming in hotel's pool. Overall it was a really great day.

One interesting thing about one of the points is that the guide took us to poi…

Where are my teachers?

The other day, we were watching "Jab we met" at home. Not that we hadn't watched it earlier, but just that for lack of anything else to do, we all sat and watched it. Towards the later half, Shahid Kapoor goes back to Manali in search of Kareen Kapoor and after finding her, insists that she leave with him right away.

At this scene, my wife commented, "How can she just run away like that? She is a teacher in the school. Doesn't she have to inform anyone there?". To this my kid added a rejoinder - "Mummy, our teachers at CIS also run away like that!" :-)

It so happens, that many teachers have suddenly left CIS in past and no wonder my kid feels that way :-). BTW my kid no longer studies at CIS.

Do you believe in Stars?

A few weeks back some of us from office were on the way to Mumbai to attend a day long summit organized by Microsoft on their latest cloud offerings. Since we had left early in the morning, we took our customary stop at Lonavala for a quick bite. A colleague bought a newspaper and immediately skipped to the section on day's future.

We all asked if she really believed in stars/future and she said that she didn't, but what's the harm in checking out and if she could prevent something from happening, why not? We had a bit of back and forth on could or could you not prevent something from happening, if you really knew it would happen. Anyway her future for the day said something like be careful of where you tread and don't wear coloured glasses. I guess it meant something like don't see the world from coloured glasses.

Anyway, post the summit, we walked towards the sea shore. It was like our mannat come true, that we were next to Mannat (yes, that's SRK's home)…