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Inorbit Mall Pune

With little else to do on a weekend, we decided to add another mall to our list of visited malls in Pune and so Inorbit it was. On Nagar road, cross the Pheonix Market City mall, cross the signal and then take a U turn to get to Inorbit mall. Like multiple other places, the Exit comes before Entry and hence you need to drive a bit ahead, and then get into the mall’s parking, which fortunately has ample parking space.
Our main attraction for the day was ice skating and we headed directly to 3rd floor for the Freeze Zone. It has the Arctic Zone where you get to ice skate and the North Pole zone where you get to play with snow. In case you go for ice skating, they will provide the skating gear and the guards, but no jacket etc. so you may want to be prepared with some jacket etc. For those who don’t know skating, they have a penguin like support available that you can use to help with your skating. The ticket allows 30 min time, but we came out in about 15 min, as the ring is small and we…