Inorbit Mall Pune

With little else to do on a weekend, we decided to add another mall to our list of visited malls in Pune and so Inorbit it was. On Nagar road, cross the Pheonix Market City mall, cross the signal and then take a U turn to get to Inorbit mall. Like multiple other places, the Exit comes before Entry and hence you need to drive a bit ahead, and then get into the mall’s parking, which fortunately has ample parking space.
Our main attraction for the day was ice skating and we headed directly to 3rd floor for the Freeze Zone. It has the Arctic Zone where you get to ice skate and the North Pole zone where you get to play with snow. In case you go for ice skating, they will provide the skating gear and the guards, but no jacket etc. so you may want to be prepared with some jacket etc. For those who don’t know skating, they have a penguin like support available that you can use to help with your skating. The ticket allows 30 min time, but we came out in about 15 min, as the ring is small and we did start feeling the chill. If you go to the North Pole zone you are better covered with jacket, gloves etc. While the experience is good, but if you don’t want to skate and play in snow, don’t bother to go inside. The viewing only ticket is a waste of money unless there is some else in the group doing either skating or going to play in snow as if there is no one inside, the viewing is pretty useless.
Apart from few other play zones, 3rd floor has the food mall as well. We tried the China corner and the Indian Paratha and didn’t like either of them. The rice/noodles of China corner were cold and the quantity of gravy to go along was not much. We say many people leaving the parathas half-eaten and leaving from The Paratha place. We tried the pani puri and masala chaas and both lacked taste. The masala chaas seemed devoid of any curd but had ample amount of green chilli paste mixed in water. Eating in Mac or possibly the pasta/pizza corner would probably be safer. The donut shop is definitely highly recommended and they churn out freshly baked super soft good verity of donuts.

The rest of the mall is like other malls. Shops that glitter and attract. Good to look at, but little you can buy unless there is some sale in progress. I wonder how the shops in the mall survive, for I saw only a handful of people doing some shopping. Most others were windows shopping and then off to the food mall. If the shops bring down their prices, maybe more people will shop.
And what’s it with the slim fit these days? Most brands seem to have only such garments. Looks like I need to soon go back to getting my cloths tailor made.


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