Friday, September 12, 2014

What an Irony?

The other day I got a very apt message on whatsapp. It read as

"Irony of India... Priyanka Chopra has earned more money playing a boxer's role than Mary Kom has earned in her entire career by actually doing it"

Nothing against Priyanka for playing Mary Kom or Farhan playing Milkha Singh, for it is their profession, a profession that pays them handsomely.

The point to really worry about is except for Cricket, somehow all other sports get sidelined. The players don't get much recognition and end up living in pitiable conditions as well (read here). The ministers, sitting on the committees for various sports, possible have never played those games themselves, are mostly keen only on "What's in it for me?". They probably like to organize the various events like Asiad, Common Wealth Games, but not for any love for sports, but for their love of money and fame.

Many years back in an interaction with the India Shooting Queen Anjali Bhagwat, she had shared some of her experiences behind the scenes and they were no less than shocking.

Not just sports personalities, but many of our music maestros also are either living in difficult conditions or have decided to settle abroad, where they get more recognition and better life.

Can we fix this? I guess we can; collectively, as Aamir Khan keep saying in Satyamev Jayate: "mumkin hai" :). 

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