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Moonstone Book Reviews... so far..

It is little over a month since my Moonstone: The Incredible One Hour book got launched and is available for purchase online from the publisher's site itself. It is also available as Kindle edition. I am also doing publicity campaign at the book's Facebook page.

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For those who are yet to read the book: The story is about my life at IIT Bombay hostel and also a very specific event from the performing arts festival (PAF), which is a yearly event at IIT. When you are presenting a one hour skit on stage, you can expect a few things going wrong, a few mistakes here and there and that's acceptable, though in an inter hostel competition, any little mistake causes people to go ballistic…

Revisiting IIT Bombay

Though IIT B has its Alumni day every year, but I guess, I have been a bit selfish and never participated in it, before this year. This year (year just gone by) it was on 29 Dec 2013 and I decided to go there, after 18 years, because I had the opportunity to promote my book “Moonstone: TheIncredible One Hour” (), about one of the most happening PAFs, at the very place where it all happened. In my own network, where I have been able to promote the book so far, it is doing very well, as is evident from the various review comments I have received so far. Another reason to visit was my daughter wanted to see all those places mentioned in the book.
Anyway, back to IIT B. Started from home (in Pune) at around 8.30 am. Had planned to start earlier, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the start got delayed. A nice drive in XUV, on the expressway, breakfast stop at Khapoli and we touched IIT campus by 11.30 am (roughly 140 Km drive). The roads in Mumbai have been undergoing changes, so n…