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Humanity Still Survives

In today's busy world where everyone is running a fast paced life, I got to re-experience the helpful nature of fellow people

I was driving to office on my pulsar, when it started to jerk. A jerk typically associated with petrol line running dry. I switched to the reserve mode, but the jerks continued and to my dismay, the bike came to a stop near Rakshak society signal on Aundh Ravet road. I realized that the petrol had run dry, but why the bike didn't signal this from On state to Reserve state? I asked a person sitting there on his bike for the closest petrol pump and he told me about the one in Pimple Saudagar, which was, I guess, an easy 2 km walk from the current spot.

As I stood there, visibly shaken and trying to figure out what to do as dragging the bike all the way would be very difficult, the person came to me and asked what happened. I shared the surprise of bike directly running dry while still being in On state and he pointed out that I had got it wrong. I was ru…