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Flavors Executive Lunch Buffet

Flavors is a hotel close to my place and it used to have a executive lunch buffet for Rs 199. Recently they updates the cost to Rs 250. The other day we decided to try it out and in short it isn't worth the price.

The buffet included

1 veg 1 non veg soup
1 veg 1 non veg starter
3-4 salads
2 veg dishes and 1 non veg dish
dal, rice, noodles, roti and
2 items in desert

Fairly good number of items, but it was the service and the taste that killed it. The non veg dish seemed like as if cooked in tomato sauce gravy. The veg/non veg starters were very slow to refill. When we started with the soup, one of the salads had got over. 10-15 min later when I finished the soup and went to check again, the salad still hadn't been refilled.

Same issue with roties and hence we decided to start with noodles, which were a bit on spicy side.

The sweet included an ice-cream and moong dal halwa. The halwa, for a change, wasn't over cooked, as happens in most cases, but it could be easily be confused w…