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Female Foeticide

The new program which started today, 6th May 2012 on Star Plus, anchored by Aamir Khan has touched many a minds, as is clearly evident by the large following on the Facebook site. The topic of female foeticide is not new and we have been plagued with this for many many years now, but the program did force us to think again with some fresh data in mind. Here are some of my thoughts on it

It was an eye opener to note that roots of this evil actually somehow reside in government’s own policies. Who could even think of controlling the increasing population by having families opt in-out of child birth based on gender? I always thought that hum do humare do was what government used as a way to get the masses to understand population issues and look at controlling it. However there also, some families seem to have taken it too literally and while not having either time or energy to spend on kids, they do want to have two of them.

Anyway, the question at hand is female foeticide. The very b…