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Do I miss Infosys?

The other day I was driving to Hinjewadi for a meeting and as I drove on the Hinjewadi flyover, I suddenly felt a bit nostalgic. This was the road on which I had driven almost every day for the past 10 years and now for the last 4 months, since I left Infosys, I had not come this side.

After the meeting, I caught up with few ex-colleagues from Infosys at Tamanna over a cup of tea. During our general chit chat and catching up, one of them asked me if I missed Infosys.

Well, it would be wrong to say that I don't, but what is it that I really miss? As an employee, there are few things that mattered to me - the work, the people, the infrastructure, the development center.

As I had stated in my earlier blog, the work was never really an issue and mostly I had enjoyed or loved whatever work I was doing. When I moved to Curologic, I had to suddenly change gears and had to move quickly from a pro-Microsoft person to getting my hands dirty on open source technologies. It has been an exper…