Do I miss Infosys?

The other day I was driving to Hinjewadi for a meeting and as I drove on the Hinjewadi flyover, I suddenly felt a bit nostalgic. This was the road on which I had driven almost every day for the past 10 years and now for the last 4 months, since I left Infosys, I had not come this side.

After the meeting, I caught up with few ex-colleagues from Infosys at Tamanna over a cup of tea. During our general chit chat and catching up, one of them asked me if I missed Infosys.

Well, it would be wrong to say that I don't, but what is it that I really miss? As an employee, there are few things that mattered to me - the work, the people, the infrastructure, the development center.

As I had stated in my earlier blog, the work was never really an issue and mostly I had enjoyed or loved whatever work I was doing. When I moved to Curologic, I had to suddenly change gears and had to move quickly from a pro-Microsoft person to getting my hands dirty on open source technologies. It has been an experience of its own kind, these last 4 months and while it has been very hectic, it has been extremely enjoyable. I am a person, who cannot sit idle and really likes to be associated with some work or the other. These last 4 months has given me plenty of that, so no way I could miss Infosys on work front.

On infrastructure side, it is well known that Infosys pretty much leads the show and Curologic is very small compared to it. So the infrastructure of the two doesn't match, but again that doesn't puts any barriers. To me, my work is the key and as long I have a laptop on which I can work, I am fine. The related infra, the sitting place, the cubicles, the cabin, the landscaping etc. has no meaning. On the other hand, being in the center of the city has its own advantages and allows me the chance to finish some personal errands quickly.

People is what typically makes the IT organizations these days and that's surely a part that I miss. Having spent 18 years , there surely are some very close friends, whose company I miss, I miss those lunch and tea conversations. There are some ex-Infoscions at Curologic as well and some other wonderful people, so have made new friends, but do definitely long to meet up with old ones once in a while.

Finally, the Pune development center, where I was part of many initiatives, which brought me close to so many different people and helped me understand how a DC functions lot better. It provided me with ample opportunities to fulfill my personal passion around certain functions and we had a great team working to support all that. I do miss that part, but then in time I look forward to us, at Curologic, reach new heights. Being smaller in operations, there is lesser work to manage the operations, though surely not less challenging and for me, in my role as CTO, the challenge lies in managing the technical expertise of the organization.

We are doing some interesting things and lot more interesting things are lined up. I have clearly moved on. 


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