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Post 2: JVM, JRE and Java

When programming in, the key things to know where CLR, the common language runtime, which was the core engine to execute .net programs. The .NET Framework, which consisted of framework class library, libraries for WinForm applications, ASP.NET applications, ADO.NET, WPF, WCF, XAML, LinQ, TPL etc. essentially everything that is required to run a .net application. Finally, one needed a language to code for .NET platform so languages like C# or VB.NET or even J#.

C# came into existence along with, but over the years they have not kept the same versioning scheme. C# has typically incremented with major versions and current version is 6.0, while the .net framework is at version 4.6.1.

Parallel in Java world, we have JVM (java virtual machine), acting as the host for java programs, a JRE (java run time environment) which is necessary code/libraries to run a java program and finally is java, the language itself. The current JRE is 8u74 and the latest java version available is 8.0. …

Post 1: Which Eclipse version to use?

In my journey from MS to Open Source the first thing to get to know was Eclipse, and IDE that is most used for development of java projects just like Visual Studio is most used when working on MS platform. 

Having worked with VS since back in 1995, when the IDE for Visual C++, Visual Basic and Web application development used to be different (MSVC, MSVB and Visual Interdev), to the current times when pretty much everything on MS world can be done using Visual Studio, I know that for the IDEs there are different versions and there different editions. Version is obviously something that comes over time with new features, functionality and bug fixes for earlier version and also possibly performance improvements and editions are more of functionality grouping that helps target a particular kind of development community. 
It took me a while to understand that Eclipse had its versions more as names like Kepler, Luna, Mars and these are alphabetically sorted, so Mars is the latest in these. In…

From Microsoft to Open Source

In some of my earlier posts I have talked about how I spent a large part of my career on Microsoft Platform, but using it and also working and specializing in it. With my joining Curologic, I have since then moved onto open source platform and java, hibernate, spring, angularjs are some of the technologies that I have been working with in the last one and half years.

For the initial year or so I focused mostly on project architecture, overall technical guidance, timely project delivery, performance issues and any other issues, but all technology related. While I had been programming using Visual Studio on .NET and C#, I had been a bit hesitant to take the plunge with Eclipse and Java. They are similar i.e. Eclipse is similar to Visual Studio and java to C# (or vice versa), but I used to keep getting confused with the naming of versions, of editions and of versions and hence somehow kept my distance.

However last few months, I finally broke the ice and dived in and must say that it has…