From Microsoft to Open Source

In some of my earlier posts I have talked about how I spent a large part of my career on Microsoft Platform, but using it and also working and specializing in it. With my joining Curologic, I have since then moved onto open source platform and java, hibernate, spring, angularjs are some of the technologies that I have been working with in the last one and half years.

For the initial year or so I focused mostly on project architecture, overall technical guidance, timely project delivery, performance issues and any other issues, but all technology related. While I had been programming using Visual Studio on .NET and C#, I had been a bit hesitant to take the plunge with Eclipse and Java. They are similar i.e. Eclipse is similar to Visual Studio and java to C# (or vice versa), but I used to keep getting confused with the naming of versions, of editions and of versions and hence somehow kept my distance.

However last few months, I finally broke the ice and dived in and must say that it has been very satisfying getting back to coding though with java not and not with c#. There is a lot of ground to cover to learn the new the set of tools and technologies. In my upcoming blogs, I will try and share my experiences and my current understanding of the platform. I do realize that what I will write may not be complete or up to date given my limited knowledge at this time, but hope that in time I will be able to fix both of them

Good luck to me and "Hello ! Java World"


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