Moonstone Book Reviews... so far..

It is little over a month since my Moonstone: The Incredible One Hour book got launched and is available for purchase online from the publisher's site itself. It is also available as Kindle edition. I am also doing publicity campaign at the book's Facebook page.

Related online presence for the book
1. Listed at IIT Bombay's Book Corner
2. Interview in IIT Bombay's December 2013 Newsletter as featured Author of the month
3. Interview in SakaalTimes for their Reading Room section
4. YouTube videos here and here
5. Listed in GoodReads book collection

For those who are yet to read the book: The story is about my life at IIT Bombay hostel and also a very specific event from the performing arts festival (PAF), which is a yearly event at IIT. When you are presenting a one hour skit on stage, you can expect a few things going wrong, a few mistakes here and there and that's acceptable, though in an inter hostel competition, any little mistake causes people to go ballistic and "booo" a lot. But what do you do, when the debacles seem never ending? Alongside, if you have spent any time at hostel, I am sure you would have your own bag full of very interesting anecdotes that are probably sealed somewhere within. I would say, it is time to let them out, relive those moments and go mad over them. If not, even then, read the book and am sure you would relate to your own hostel life. If you haven't been in a hostel, don't worry, you would still love the book.

You can read about the review comments at the publisher's website or the kindle website or even at the Facebook page. Most comments are very positive, which makes me feel great :). Many colleagues at office have also purchased the book and their feedback both from themselves and their families (including kids) is probably best represented by the picture below

That's the most common feedback: "While reading the book, I was laughing like crazy, and my family members were staring at me, trying to figure out, why I was behaving like that"

In the highly stressful life of today, I would like to say that this book is a welcome break. It isn't too long to read and you will surely feel wonderful after reading it. So don't miss it. Go buy yourself a copy today and laugh like crazy :)


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