Italian Kitchen

This one dates back about 9 years. It won't sound that funny now, but it sure was a real funny incident then.

I was newly married and we used to go out often for dinners. Bangalore had loads of hotels and hence we were never short of trying out new places. One evening we noticed a new place by the name "veneta cucine, the italian kitchen". It sounded very interesting we hadn't ever tried italian cuisine. We were a bit surprised by the spelling of "cucine", but thought it was probably an italian word for cuisine.

So one evening we decided to try it out and landed at this place at around 8 pm. The placed looked like it was closed and we were surprised. Anyway, there was a person inside, so we walked to it to ask him and he said - "we close at 7.30 pm, but you can still see our kitchen".

I and wife looked at each other and wondered how can be a hotel close to early and why is he offering us to see their kitchen????

As we walked in, we realized it was a shop for italian modular kitchen and wasn't a hotel :-) :-). The italian kitchen concept was pretty new at that time and hence we had no clue that the "italian kitchen" on the board meant that they had modular kitchens to sell. Fortunately for us the place was closed. So we excused by saying "We will come some other time" and walked out quickly.


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