Nothing can beat this

There is no shortage of funny incidents in our lives, but i feel nothing beats this one.

We had once gone to a local exhibition. My kid typically in such journeys, takes one of her many baby dolls along and plays on the way. This occasion was no different and she was having a baby boy doll.

There is no doubt that the dolls these days are very realistic, but we realized that day just how realistic these can be.

As we got down at the exhibition, I told kid that she needs to leave the doll behind. She agreed and we left it at the back seat, got out of the car and locked it and started to walk away.

Just then the parking attendant came running our way and shouted - "Sir, you left your baby behind!!"

:-) :-)


  1. hi how have you been.. been away for a while from blogspot. nice funny incident .


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