My experience with Reliance Call Center

Date 14th May. Time 7.45 pm. My reliance broadband connection stopped working suddenly. This had happened multiple times in the last few days, so finally I decided to call the Reliance Help desk. I dialed their helpline number and went through the painfully long IVR messages.
IVR: Welcome to Reliance Broadnet Internet services. To continue in English… blah… blah…

I picked the English option.

IVR: Please dial your subscriber ID or blah… blah… and press #
I did

IVR: In case of issues with your broadband connection press 1
I did

IVR: In case you’re broadband connection is not working press 1
What? I just pressed 1 already for it. But it is an IVR system. Cannot argue. So I pressed 1 again.

IVR: All our customer service representatives are busy attending other calls. Someone will attend to you shortly. Note that you may be serviced in Hindi also.
Hindi? Why? Why did you ask for my language of preference then? Anyway, I wait for maybe about 30-40 seconds with the music and message.

Agent: Hi I am Dhiraj. How may I help you?
Me: My broadband connection is not working for past few days.

Dhiraj: Sorry?
Me (slowly): My broadband connection is not working for past few days.

Dhiraj: I am sorry sir. I will help you with it. Can you tell me your subscriber ID?
What? Didn’t I already punch it in when listening to that long IVR message? Don’t you have it on your screen? It seems – No. So I give my 12 digit subscriber ID again.

Dhiraj: Can you tell me your name Sir?
Me: Atul Gupta.

Dhiraj: Atul, your internet is not working.
Bingo! This guy is smartJ, is what I am thinking.

Dhiraj: Atul, can I put you on hold for a minute to check some details?
Me: Yes (do I have any option anyway?)

Dhiraj: Thanks.

Dhiraj: Atul thank you for waiting. You use static IP.
Me: Nooooo. That was almost 1.5 years back. I had already changed it over to dynamic IP.

Dhiraj: Atul My system shows you are using static IP.
Me: No, I am not.

Dhiraj: What operating system are you using? Windows XP or Windows 7?
Me (Why only two options? Can I not use any other?): Windows 7

Dhiraj: Please press start and type ncpa.cpl.
I did.

Dhiraj: a window opens.
Me: I know this. We can go faster.

Dhiraj: Ok. Hmmm… Right click on Local area Connection
I did

Dhiraj: Select the last option – Properties.
I did.

Dhiraj: Do you see TCP IPv6 or IPv4 there?
Me: I see both.

Dhiraj: Click once on IPv6. Of the three options below, click on Properties.
I did.

Dhiraj: In the window that comes up is it “Obtain IP address automatically” or “Use the following IP address”?
Me: It is “Obtain IP address automatically”.

Dhiraj: Please change to use the following IP address and type….
I interrupt him at this point and say: I have already told you that I am not using static IP and I don’t want to set one now.

Dhiraj: Atul, our system shows you have static IP.
Me (getting a bit angry): I don’t know why your system is showing that. But I don’t use static IP. I have already run your quick resolve diagnostic tool and it has given an error code. Shall I tell you that? Will it help?

Dhiraj: OK
Me: 6512-12-16-12

Dhiraj: I will check this. Can I put your call on hold?
Me thinking – on hold again. Oh God! After few moments…

Dhiraj: Let me transfer your call to customer help desk. They will help you.
Me: (Customer help desk? Then what is this? Who am I talking to?)

Dhiraj: Atul this is Dhiraj. I will transfer your call.
Me (sigh): OK.

Back to Music and IVR message - All our customer service representatives are busy attending other calls. Someone will attend to your shortly. An agent eventually picks up and conversation now is in Hindi
Agent: Main aapki kis prakar se sahayata kar sakta hun?

Me: Mera broadband internet connection kaam nahi kar raha hai.
Agent: Mafi chahunga. Kyaa aap apna subscriber ID batayenge?

What? Subscriber ID again? When the call is transferred, why aren’t the details transferred with it? But what to do? So I give it again.
Agent: Connection kiske naam pe hai?

Me (almost answered – mera naam pe, aur kiske naam pe hoga): Atul Gupta
Agent: Ji Dhanyawad. Kyaa mein call hold pe daal sakta hun, details check karne ke liye

Am wondering why do they need to put the call on hold to check the details? Do these systems interfere? But anyway…
Me: Haan.

And back to music. Some more moments pass
Agent: Hold pe rehne ke liye dhanyawad. Kyaa aap laptop use karte hain yaa desktop?

I knew that this will again get into configurational discussion, so told him
Me: Mere paas aapke quick resolve tool ka error code hai. Kyaa usse help milegi?

Agent: Ji, bataiye
Me. 6512-12-16-12

Agent: Kyaa mein aapki call hold pe rakh sakta hun, jab tak mein details check karta hun?

There you go again. Call on hold for the nth time.
Me: Ji

More Music…
Agent: Hold pe rehne ke liye dhanyawad. Aap Static IP use kar rahe hain.

Me (oh No! not again): Ji nahi. Static IP band kiye saal see upper ho chukka hai.
Agent: Mein aapki call technical department mein transfer kar deta hun. Wohi aapki madat karenge.

It almost sounded like yours is a mental case and only the right doctors can treat you.
Me (another deep breath): OK.

Back to Music and IVR message - All our customer service representatives are busy attending other calls. Someone will attend to your shortly. Next agent and back to English
Agent: How can I help you today?

I am almost like – can you? No one can help me? I am gone case.
Me: My broadband internet connection is not working and they have been transferring my call over the place. Can you really help me?

Agent: Sorry for that Sir. I will help you. Can you give me your subscriber ID?
And I almost fainted! I once again repeated the 12 digit subscriber ID. The systems really need an overhaul. What’s the point in me giving the subscriber ID again and again and again?

Agent: Thanks. The connection is in whose name?
Me: Atul Gupta. They keep telling me that I have static IP, which I don’t have.

Agent: Sir, the system shows you have a static IP.
Me: Oh God! No, I am not using a static IP.

Agent: Sir, if you want to change to dynamic IP, I can transfer your call to the relevant department.

Me (now pleading): No, please don’t. The connection was working fine few minutes back, but then it suddenly disconnected. I have an error code from your tool. Can you at least tell me what it means?
Agent: Yes Sir. Give me the code.

Me. 6512-12-16-12
Agent: Sir, this code means slow connection. We are actually upgrading our servers and hence some people are facing this connection issue. If you want till end of day tomorrow, it would be fine. The connection should then work properly.

What? I spent the last 20 minutes, talking to all those different people to eventually hear about a server upgrade? Could you not have told me this earlier itself?
Me (I just want to get over with this call now): Thanks so much. That is all I have. Bye.

Agent: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me (am in a hurry to get off the call): No No. Thanks. Bye.

Agent: Thanks for calling….
I hung up the phone.


  1. LOL... nicely put up.
    Do you have a reliance phone connection as well?
    I think then the mystery of 20 minutes spent can be solved.

    Very nicely written and I am still laughing!!!

  2. @Static Pulse, The broadband connection does comes with a free telephone connection as well, but I haven't taken it. This call was from my vodafone mobile and a chargeable call

  3. humm Same kind of experience we got for BSNL , which is much more horrible than any other network.. Really still laughing ! now we got settled down with Airtel ! happy wi-fi connectivity

  4. I had a reliance broadband connection in Pune.. they made me want to pull my hair !! I finally switched over to Airtel but its the same story..I can sympathize with you !

  5. 2 Airtel success stories.. Let's see. For my connection is working again (thank God) and without any need to set any static IP :)

  6. Dial into COMCAST, Double Majja and you have a Mike taking your call from Chennai and they will not resolves your issues and make you end up paying for chargeable tech service without havimg signed up for service contract as well

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