CIO Tech 2015

I got a chance to attend a CIO Klub organized daylong conference called "CIO Tech 2015 - Leveraging Technology for Business Transformation" this last Friday. It was a good event with all topics of discussions very relevant to the very current issues that CIOs/CTOs face. 

As I reached the venue, I immediately felt out of place as I seemed to be the only one not in a business suit. I had thought about wearing one, but the May heat discouraged me. My mistake that I missed the point that the venue would be well air conditioned. 

The conference stared 10 min, but that's very reasonable given how such conferences are. By the time the initial key note was over, we were running 20 min behind schedule. But I must mention that during the course of the day, things got back on track and the last the session of the day finished right on target at 4.00 pm. I had to skip the final Mind Matters session as had some personal work to attend to. 

In the keynote address Mr. Manoj Barve, touched upon some very interesting facts of how things have changed over the last few decades where in from initial thought of why would anyone need a personal computer to today's world where individual mobiles are more powerful and useful than early computers. The immediate current trend is all towards cloud, big data, digitization, mobile applications, 3D printers, AR etc. Such and new technologies will keep coming and the CIOs and CTOs of the world will be busy always trying to make the right decisions for their organizations. 

Session 1 debated on the need and usage of big data. In some way it is a problem that we created. With things like Internet of things (IOT), whereby almost every other device is on the net and makings its presence felt by sending some data, causing an overall data explosion. So you need technologies like big data to make out some sense of this immensely large data set, which has all kinds of structured and unstructured data in it. 

Session 2 got into the hottest new trend, that being the mobile applications. More and more vendors are (mostly in retail space at this time) are pushing for their mobile applications. One of the only retailer recently even shut down its website, saying that they will focus only on the mobile application, as that's where they are getting maximum business from. For BYOD scenario there was a general sense of security issue, and consensus also was that one cannot secure everything one, but should focus on most critical data points. 

Session 3 discussed infrastructure and the penetration of cloud. There was still challenges like legal issues in case of where the data can reside. Once those are fixed, cloud will be a very favorable solution. Business critical applications may take time to move to cloud as their up time is a paramount factor. 

Finally Session 4 focused entirely on security. Organizations are seeing the perimeter security that they used to deal with, enlarge as we are living in perimeter-less world today. Need to put the best foot forward was the conclusion rather than try to secure everything. There was also suggestion to explore frameworks like COBIT 5 and in general be aware of the legal implications of issues in your area of operations. 

Overall, I would say it was a good session and it was interesting hearing the varied view points of the panel. Look forward to more such events. 


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