Getting my kid to sit and work with concentration is a tough nut to crack. The only thing that she does without getting distracted is watching TV :-)

When it comes to homework it is even more difficult. She will remember all the interesting episodes of school, previous evening play time incidents, what other subject work is pending than she is doing, etc. etc. It is very common that while working on question B, she will want to get question A checked and all that.

Added to that is the fact that she is in class 4 and the syllabus is getting tough by the day. So many new concepts, facts, figures and hence we can well understand that she finds it difficult to manage the homework on her own. So either I or wife has to spend lot of time with her to get things done.

Weekend mornings are usually spent in playing or watching TV. But today (saturday) we had plans to go out for some shopping and hence got her to sit and finish her homework. As wife was busy with morning routine, I ended up helping kid with her english work. We spent about an hour in doing different types of questions and I was getting tired of never ending questions and her struggle with some concepts, which we obviously find trivial now.

As we finished the last question, I was getting up, happy that all is finally over, but that's when my daughter said - "Let's do the actual homework now".

"So what was it that we were doing all this while", I asked and my daughter calmly responded
"That was the class work that I couldn't finish in school!!"


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