Model code of conduct - 2

I earlier wrote about model code of conduct. There is another incident that I can remember.

My daughter has a bit of health issue and falls sick frequently. With age, this has reduced though. However it isn't just illness, but small injuries also and she will all cranky and "there is too much pain" and "I can't tolerate" and all that. We keep trying to tell her to be mentally strong. Where there is will, there is a way, is what we try to keep telling her.

I played cricket at the office on a weekend with friends with the entire cricket gear. I would have played cricket after about 20 years and in general played anything after months. No surprise that after the couple of hours of fielding and batting (short innings :-)), my muscles all rebelled and the next morning, there was hardly any body part that I could move without significant effort and feeling lot of pain.

I was hence lying on the bed and had great difficulty in getting up or moving around or.. just about doing anything. To this my daughter retorted, "Papa keeps telling me to feel mentally strong. What happened to him now? Why is he behaving like this?"



  1. so right she is... hai na?

  2. not really, but her reasoning cannot be denied as well :-)


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