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The 30 min long serials that we see these days on TV, still manage many breaks in between. No wonder the story hardly moves forward. Spruce that up with some good, some bad, some pointless revenge, some multimillionare families and you can easily build a serial that lasts not just months but years. and if you can't figure out what to do, take a 20 year leap and leave everything behind.. the part that gave the serial its name as well

Anyway, this isn't to disect the serials. There is a new serial these days based on the english movies series - Twilight. The serial is called "Pyar Ki Ye Ek Kahani" and comes on Star One. This has a very peculiar tune when it has a break and for reason we keep hearing this tune very often. Seems like as if there are 4-5 breaks that happen in that 30 min time slot.

So we were watching this the other evening and I complained about these so many breaks. To this my daughter immediately retorted - 'They probably shoot the next sequence in the break'... :-) :-)

We could not help, but burst out in laughter !!


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