New Age Customer Service

Indian market hasn't been a very strong customer focused market is something that we all know. Customer is God or never say no, aren't things that work here. It is the provider who usually has the last word.

More and more home service is something that we as consumers also seem to like. However that incident the other day made me realize that it isn't really in our best interest.

Some Sanjay/Sandeep from ICICI Direct called me the other day and wanted to set up some time to meet me. I said no. He persisted. I said that he must be having some new product to sell and I had no interest. He said, he will not sell anything, and we can just sit and chat and that I can treat him for a cup of tea !!

Now that's an intersting customer service. I host him at my home, treat him for a cup of tea and invest in something that I have no real desier, but he wants me to. Wow !! this is amazing


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